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PRINCESS® VOLUME is a is a monophasic, sterile, biodegradable, viscoelastic, clear, isotonic, highly cross-linked and homogenized gel implant.


PRINCESS® VOLUME is perfect for a range of indications including the correction of deep wrinkles and folds, cutaneous depressions, facial contours and the creation of volume. It is recommended for injection into the deep dermis.


Due to its optimal visco-elasticity and well adapted needle Princess® Volume can be injected through a 27G needle resulting in a less traumatic injection for the patient.

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PRINCESS® VOLUME is a Hyaluronic Acid based aesthetic filler manufactured by the European pharmaceutical laboratory called Croma-Pharma from Austria. This filler aims to correct deep wrinkles, folds, and hollows. The Hyaluronic Acid particles are processed using Supreme Monophasic and Reticulated Technology (SMART) to produce a highly cross-linked and viscoelastic gel. The injectable gel is colorless and bio-resorbable, and is packaged in a sterilized 1mL syringe.


A single box of Princess Volume is sold with 1 pre-loaded syringe, 2-27G½” disposable needles, a set of labels to ensure trace-ability, as well as a device manual. It is important to shield this fragile item away from sunlight, heat, and frost. The optimal storage temperature range is between 2 to 25.


Contents: Highly cross-linked sodium hyaluronate 23 mg/mL, sodium chloride, phosphate buffer pH 6.8-7.6 q.s.
Volume and packaging: 1 x 1 mL syringe
Manufacturer: CROMA-Pharma GmbH.
Also Included: Contains 1 x 1 mL syringes, 2 27G x 1/2” needles, packaging insert
Storage: Store between 2 to 25. Keep away from sunlight, bright lights, and heat.
Remarks: Sterile packaging


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