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Juvéderm Ultra 2

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Allergan’s Juvéderm Ultra 2 is a highly cross-linked formulation for the subtle correction of medium facial lines and skin depressions. It also enhances lip contour. Juvéderm Ultra 2 is normally recommended for mid- to superficial dermis, for superficial wrinkles and for lip definition.

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Buy Juvéderm Ultra 2 manufactured by Allergan Inc. via RxBeautyGarden.com and you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the long term. Juvederm Ultra 2 or Juvéderm Ultra XC as it is known in the United States of America is an hyaluronic acid injectable.


Basically, it is a natural, biodegradable gel that flows easily and smoothly into the skin, instantly filling out troublesome lines leaving a smooth and natural look and feel.


Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid gel (24 mg/mL). Lidocaine hydrochloride (3 mg/mL)
Size 2 x 0.55 mL pre-filled syringe
Manufacturer: Allergan Inc.
Also Included: For each syringe, the box contains one sterile 30G1/2” needle. Package leaflet. A set of labels in order to ensure trace-ability.
Storage: Store between 2℃ and 25℃. Fragile.
Remarks: Sterile packaging


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