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AQUALYX® Fat Dissolving Solution

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AQUALYX® Fat Dissolving Solution

The origin of this product is Italy.

Manufactured by Marllor Biomedical Srl, Italy.

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AQUALYX® Fat Dissolving Solution is an aqueous compound solution, with slow-release sugar that reduces the biological half-life of the solution, minimizing side effects.


The ingredients are a polymer from 3, 6-Anhydro-L-Galactose and D-Galactose (0.5%), buffer systems (4.2%), sodium salt of (3, 5, 12) – 3, 12-dihydroxy-5-cholan-24-acid (7.5%), water for injection purposes (87%) and sodium chloride (0.8%). The buffer system within AQUALYX® ensures that the 12alfa-dihydroxy-5beta-24oico cholanic acid sodium salt is delivered to the target area.


Contents: Motolese’s solution.
Size: 10 vials of 8ml each
Manufacturer: Marllor Biomedical Srl, Italy
Also Included: Package insert only. The choice of the needle, which has to be obtained separately, stands in competence of the physician’s preference and technique.
Storage: Store at room temperature
Remarks: Sterile packaging



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